BETA 2T Skidplate with linkage guard



Skidplates are made with forged carbon. What makes the forged carbon different from the traditional carbon is that it is chopped fibers rather than woven fabric. Carbon fiber gets its strength from the orientation of the fibers. In a woven fabric the strands are typically woven in only 2 directions giving strength in 2 directions, we compensate for this by cutting each layer at a different angle than the previous layer. But even in doing this it is impossible to have strands in every possible direction like in forged carbon. This greatly increases the impact strength of the guard and has a beautiful look which is hard to show well in pictures. Forged carbon has been popular for quite a while in the super car world for its added strength and weight savings.

Linkage guard is injection molded high strength urethane reinforced with Kevlar strand.


Black, Blue, Orange, Red


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